Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Good news today for Claudia Winkleman fans as she's just been named as Jonathan Ross's successor in Film 2010. I for one think it's a great move. Whilst Wossy's day in the limelight looks like it's in decline, Claudia's star is in the ascendency.  

Her presenting of Strictly Come Dancing It Take Two is compulsive viewing. She's just a little edgy and a little bonkers at the same time. There's no pouting or being a beautiful clothes-horse accessory for a male presenter with Claudia. She's quirky and more liable to throw her head back in giggles than to sit there demurely like most female presenters these days. At last, the BBC have recognised a woman with individuality and has that watchability factor. Davina McCall she ain't... thank God. Davina is just silly and tries too hard, Claudia delivers with kookiness and panache. 

Claudia in a nutshell is one of those women other women would choose as their mate. 

Time will tell whether Claudia fills the once-credible shoes of Wossy and pulls it off with Film 2010. I think somehow, she just might... 

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