Sunday, 14 March 2010


It's Mothers Day when children and adults up and down the country panic to buy last minute flowers but are none the less able to spoil our mums a little more than usual.
I'll be calling in later to see my mum who will greet me with the usual 'ooh you shouldn't have spent that amount of money on flowers'.

I've always been very lucky in that I've always had a good and close relationship with my mum. The years and bad health have somewhat diluted her fiery nature, her strong independent streak, her bravery and her unconformity. However her generosity of spirit and bad cooking skills are still there. My mum asks for nothing only that I cook her something tasty for mother's day. So this afternoon as a treat, I shall be plunging lobster in to a large pan of boiling water and serving with a bistro salad and mayonnaise. We shall top it off with a glass of two of France's finest champagne whilst mum will think all her birthdays have come at once and my dad will be saying something on the lines of 'don't make me any of that fish and garlic stuff'.

My heart goes out to all my friends who have lost their mums. No day is easy but today is especially hard. I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I still have my mum around to laugh with, make a fuss of and cook lobster for.

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