Friday, 12 March 2010


Britain's most expensive bacon butty goes on sale this week for a whopping £11.50.

The five star Claridges Hotel in central London is serving up the delicacy and as a bonus your treat is served in sumptious surroundings. The head chef includes five slices of organic bacon, a selection of flavoured breads, handmade crisps and condiments.

To try and convince you to part with a fair wedge of money, the head chef is keen to explain that it's the high class ingredients that make it worthwhile. 'You are eating Daylesford pain de mie white bread which is made from enriched dough that gives it an almost brioche-like texture and taste'. Quite

On Friday mornings, our office stops for 15 minutes whilst the local butty wagon provides us with all varieties of breakfast sandwiches. My personal favourite is the bacon barmcake - with four slices of unsmoked pork sourced from Asda Fleetwood, wrapped in a floured barmcake enriched with a bacon fat odour that gives it an almost 18 pack buy one, get one free feel and indulged with jus de HP Sauce.

For the princely sum of £1.75 they throw in a white paper bag lovingly enscribed with 'bac + brown' and a white paper napkin. Hey, we Northerners know our stuff about bacon butties. £11.50? They must be having a laaarf....

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