Sunday, 21 March 2010


Oh happy day... The mighty United beat their greatest rivals Liverpool 2-1 and return to the top of the premiership.

This is the big one for Manchester United and Liverpool fans. The dislike (bordering on hatred) between these clubs is legendary with both teams give 100% in trying to win the encounter. There's always loads of texts received from my Scouse mates especially when they score which adds to the edginess of the match. I remember my days at school when EVERYONE supported Liverpool. The days of them winning everything for the league, the FA Cup and the old European Cup. The days of Keegan, Heighway, McDermott and later Barnes, Dalgleish, Hansen etc. United always played decent football but there was always an envious glance towards the Anfield trophy cabinet and the success they enjoyed for so long. I had the gloating abuse from my mates for many years which had to taken with good humour and through gritted teeth. Nowadays, the tables have turned and the good times are at Old Trafford.

Today's match saw Liverpool start brightly with Torres scoring a peach of a header after 5 minutes. Rooney equalised with a penalty after 12 minutes and we went on to win the game with Je-Sung Park's header. United looked coasting at times in third gear. Liverpool looks like a spent force. At times their fighting spirit was there and they put up some great defensive work against United's attack. At other times, their heads were down and they don't look like the playing unit of old. They certainly don't look like the team that have tanned our backside on the previous three meetings.

The Republic of Mancunia are back on top and I shan't shed any tears for the Scousers...

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