Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Oh dear, it's been a bad week health-wise at Fishfingerbutty Towers. First I had a dodgy shoulder which nearly put paid to the dance routine in Morecambe. A couple of days in agony rubbing ibuleve in and doing loads of circling motions and it got better. Then from nowhere, that Monday morning feeling of your mouth feeling like a Sumo's jockstrap only worse. I got to work and started burning up with head pounding. Managed to get in at the doctors and was told it was a virus and to take paracetamol and fluids. That night I went to bed and didn't get up for nearly two days! One of Heidi Fleiss's call-girls spends less time on her back than I have.

Back to the docs and it's confirmed I've got 'flu. The rule of thumb on flu is if you can't get out of bed, it's flu. So that explains my horizontal zonked-out, nothingness in the legs and a chest like a coalminer on 40 Capstan Full Strength a day past few days. I've now got some antibiotics in case of any chest infection and feeling a little less like death warmed up. And what do you look like when you've got flu? Not very sexy that's for sure with hair matted to head, inflamed cheeks, black rings under eyes and inability to string any sentence together. A bit like Kristen Stewart from Twilight at the recent BAFTA's.

Typical nurse, I make a bad patient. I'm grumpy and whine a lot. I'm not ill very often but when I am, it seems to floor me although I recover really quickly. I always use old-fashioned techniques like get to bed, open a window, drink fluids and stick my head over a steaming bowl. You still feel rubbish, but just not for as long!

Anyway, all being well I'll be back at work tomorrow and back in the swing of things work-wise and blog-wise. It's been a long couple of days....

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