Saturday, 20 March 2010


I had a lie in this morning. I felt I needed it after yesterday's activities. Why are Fridays so gruelling? They should be a wind-down day ready for the weekend. However, yesterday started off badly after getting to bed around 2am the previous night and managing only a few hours sleep. The hazards of community nursing sees you tying up all the loose ends with a full diary of visits and yesterday was exceptionally busy. All the visits were problematic for various complex reasons which puts you into the 'oh God the paperwork' train of thought. We managed a 5 minute grab-a-lunch and with dashboard lights warning of about 500 yards of petrol left, the car was coaxed into Asda nearby. I used one of those unmanned service stations and filled up using one of the pumps where your card is slotted in to the pump for payment. Drove off and started the next round of visits before heading to the office late to start three hours of paperwork.

Finishing near 7pm and barely able to keep my eyes open, I pulled in at my local takeaway, ordered my meal and when I came to pay, no card. That sickening feeling hits the pit of your stomach when I realised I'd left my card in the petrol pump at Asda. So, no food, got home and cancelled my card yet again after only receiving my last replacement card on Monday. Cheerios for tea and crappy Sports Relief on tv all night. Watching James Corden and Davina McCall trying to be funny yet caring about the people of Uganda was enough to make even Mother Theresa vomit.

The only highlight to an all-round crappy and bone-tiring day was receiving an unexpected call from my mate Joey who was ripping it up at last night's Paloma Faith concert at the Manchester Academy. Apparently Paloma put on a good show whilst wearing huge platform shoes despite moaning that she was tired having been up since 5am. I bet she didn't have Cheerios for her tea and left her card in petrol pump at Asda though. Now that's enough to make you 'Stone Cold Sober'.....

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