Sunday, 28 March 2010


Just got home after spending a glorious sunny Sunday out with some friends at Brock Bottom in the Trough of Bowland. It's a really lovely walk by the side of the River Brock made even lovelier when it's springtime.

Today we brought a dog along for the walk and you forget how great it is to have a dog splashing about in the river and running way when off the lead whilst we all panic that it's not being violated in the woods by some randy boxer dog. Fortunately the walk went without incident and after a couple of hours of walking in wellies and putting the world to rights, we head off to a country pub for the obligatory beer and Sunday roast. I love visiting country pubs in the Trough of Bowland. They usually contain characters sat with their pints at the bar eyeing anyone new (ie. townies) suspiciously. I once engaged in conversation with an older local man sat at the bar and I couldn't understand a word he said. Talk about the broadest Lancashire accent...
'Av thee come up from yonder vale lassie?' 'I beg your pardon?'
'Aye, thee wet t'whistle lass on yon butty, yull be deed bah time t'landlord gets himself straight' 'Erm... it's just gone ten past twelve'.

I'm making it sound like a cross between the Deliverence and a world of dark satanic mills but it isn't. It's geographically in the North East of Lancashire stretching easterly from Preston / Pendle hill up to Lancaster and I live within 16 miles of it. It's Lancashire's hidden gem, beautiful and untouristy, but the locals are a little Royston Vasey it has to be said. The Bowland fells has some of the most unspoilt countryside to rival anywhere in the UK and I'm very lucky to live so close to it.

The roast beef and Yorkshire pudding went down a storm and it jogged my memory of why I love Sunday roast dinner so much. We loosened our belts and headed off to Bonds at Elswick for an ice cream before taking Ebby the dog on another walk in the sunshine.

Great day with great company. Dancing on Ice later this evening.. I feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to face Monday morning...


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  2. I think that nicely sums up the day... had a really good time. :-) Also, it would seem you have inspired a little boblet to begin bloggering...


  3. Good stuff. Hope she enjoys it.
    I'm mystified as to why some of the images on my old blogs have evaporated into thin air and have gone! Any ideas?

  4. i looked this up and it would seem that it's happening to a lot of folk. check this forum entry. posting details of ur blog and an example entry that's affected helps google to fix it for u i think.

  5. Hi Debs,
    Thanks for that. I've logged on this morning and all images have mysteriously reappeared again.
    I'm a happy camper once more. Speaking of which,I've checked out Ms double-barrelled's blog and have become a follower. Looking good!