Sunday, 21 March 2010


Anyone who reads my blog regularly will have probably guessed I'm a bit of a football fanatic. My heart belongs to Man United (but I also a soft spot for Blackpool and Spurs) and of course England. I try to get to as many games as finances allow and watch all matches on tv. The one thing that really gets my goat is the language used by the footballing fraternity and in particular the inane drivel from the 'pundits'. In other words... football-speak. Here's an A-Z guide to the worst offences of footballing cliches (Glenn Hoddle take note)...

A - At the end of the day
B - Big ask
C - (All) credit to the lads
D - Different class.
E - End to end game
F - For me eg. for me.. he's different class this season
G - the Gaffer picks the squad, not me.
H - (It gives me a selection) headache
I - I'm flattered by their interest..
J - (the boy's done a man's) Job out there today
K - Keep it tight
L - And I'd LOVE it if we beat them, LOVE it...
M - Man marking, zonal marking, where was the marking?
N - Nice to get a goal but three points is better
O - (that was a lovely) one-two...
P - Play the passing game, not the long ball game
Q - bit of Quality in the final third
R - Run your socks off
S - Show him inside or Strength and depth to their squad
T - Take each match as it comes
U - Unfashionable club ...that would be Hull City then?
V - Very much so
W- (we've got to) Work hard and focus on the next game
X- X rated challenge
Y - You can't win anything with kids.
Z - row Z


  1. You missed off an obvious one Hel:

    Y - 'You know'. As in "You know, I saw the ball coming over, and, you know, stuck my, you know, leg out, and, you know, it went in the back of the net."


  2. Hi Russ,
    How did I miss that? Paul Merson's favourite phrase as well. There's obviously a bit more in the tank.. (oops there goes another one!)