Saturday, 13 March 2010


It was with much amusement that I read a recent article declaring that Geordie men make the best lovers. In this highly critical and scientific research poll (in today's Sun), 2000 women were surveyed to find out the best lovers in the UK region by region. I wasn't particularly amused that men from the North East were thought to be the best lovers. Having worked with plenty of Geordies in my time, they certainly know how to party and are some of the funniest and friendliest people I've ever met. What really made me laugh was that Yorkshiremen were named the worst lovers. Enough said, the women of Britain have spoken. Here's the full list... Comments welcome from any ladies....

1. North East - 'Attentive'
2. London and the South East - 'Eager to please'
3. Scotland - 'Manly'
4. Wales and West - 'Passionate'
5. Central and Midlands - 'Good fun'
6. Thames Valley - 'Pleasant afterwards'
7. The North West - 'Would rather watch football'
8. Anglia - 'Too selfish'
9. Borders - 'Too quick'
10. Yorkshire - 'Lazy in bed'


  1. Super Diane (fridays is special clothes night) and you did say ladies do you have any questions !13 March 2010 at 21:59

    who did this survey ?

    No 6 ) Pleasant afterwards is a corker !

    Its always a bonus to at least be speaking after wards - and knowing the persons name always seems to get a round of applause, asking if they have a sister or brother dosent go down a storm tho.

    Who answered these questions lol !

  2. Eek. Well that's a side to your character you kept well hidden until now. Just make sure you don't wear that cherise chiffon scarf as it'll clash with your eyes.
    The poll was conducted by 'Forget Dinner' and undertaken by 2000 women who are casual daters. And yes, it's heartwarming to hear the Thames Valley men are 'pleasant afterwards'!. But Yorkshiremen coming last. Fabulous. Don't the Chuckle Brothers come from Rotherham? Nuff said...