Friday, 12 March 2010


It's here again. The first night of many where the BBC devotes another few hours of primetime tv to the dross that is... The Eurovision Song Contest.
Does anyone watch this drivel? I understand it appeals to the camp, theatrical types who host Eurovision parties, but does anyone else actually watch it? Awful songs and performances aside, it has become a rigged exercise for countries to help the voting process for their neighbours. Hence a folk song from Lithunia stands a brilliant chance because of the weight of the Baltic state votes as opposed to Andy Abraham or Javine Hylton giving it some soul for the UK.

However, our finest moment came in 2003 with Jemini's entry for the UK. A third-rate scouse version of H and Claire from Steps. Their rendition of 'Cry Baby' had the nation howling when they they missed their intro then started singing completely off key. The word appalling doesn't do it justice. Jemini flew home on Easyjet with nil pwa. Now that's class!
Pete Waterman tries to put some of that old Stock, Aitken and Waterman production magic into this year's entry so you never know, we may get 17th place with a 2010 version of Jedward singing in the style of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. Or they could do a Reynolds Girls 'I'd Rather Jack, than Fleetwood Mac'. Now that would be interesting - Nil pwa....... but interesting

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