Monday, 15 March 2010


His famous creations were Cupid Stunt, Sid Snott and Marcel Wave and during the 80's, his show was viewed by millions who tuned in to his wacky and saucy humour.

BBC4 are now about to film a drama biopic about the life of Kenny Everett. The 90 minute film called 'Number One in Heaven' will focus on Everetts' troubled childhood within his Catholic upbringing. Because of his diminutive size and effeminate ways, he was singled out for a fair bit of abuse of bullying from his peers.

Kenny Everett who died of an AIDS related illness in 1995, was one of my comic heroes. He was one of early radio DJ's of considerable repute from the exciting early days of broadcasting during the 60's at Radio 1, Radio Luxembourg and Capital Radio. He was frequently sacked for his outrageous comments at a time which today's antics from Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand pale into insignificance. One of most notorious sackings came from Radio 2 when his quip ' When England had a kingdom, we had a king. When we had an empire, we had a emperor. Now we have a country and we have... Margaret Thatcher'.

During the 1980's he made the leap from the airwaves to television which showcased his immense talent to a massive audience in a wholly different format. Totally original, fearless and always getting into trouble, Kenny and his groundbreaking Kenny Everett Television Show was compulsive viewing. He had live music from guests such a Freddie Mercury, Rod Stewart and Cliff who were all sent up mercilessly. Arlene Phillips and her dance group Hot Gossip provided some very saucy dancing which had the Mary Whitehouse brigade choking on their custard creams. Cupid Stunt was my all time favourite character. Kenny dressed up as an American B movie actress who used to regail stories of her flings with Burt Reynolds and other leading men to a cardboard cutout of Michael Parkinson. Each scene ended with Kenny flinging his legs into a crossover position showing a fair expanse of knickers whilst shrieking 'it's all done in the best possss-ible taste'. Priceless.

Keep you eyes peeled for Number One In Heaven. I hope the BBC do Kenny Everett comic genius the justice he deserves.

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