Sunday, 21 March 2010


Busy day today although without my bank card, I couldn't do any food shopping. Shucks! Actually, I was secretly pleased that I didn't have to face Tesco on a Sunday afternoon. Never a pleasant experience.

Instead, my evening meal consisted of chippy chips and a tin of baked beans. Very rock n' roll.

Majorly disappointed with my culinary offering, I suddenly got a hankering for a Sunday roast. A Sunday dinner isn't just a meal, it's an institution, it puts the Great into Great Britain. Through the tears, I thought back when I last had a Sunday roast dinner and I couldn't remember! Does christmas dinner count? No, didn't think so.

So, next Sunday I'm going to do the full works including roast beef, home made Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and a mighty helping of vegetables. To complete the masterpiece, the beef will be complimented by horseradish and my secret gravy (or should that be carne de jus) including a hint of Marmite. Deeelicious

Delia Smith, eat your heart out....


  1. well ffb - having been a chef for a while and a bit of a dab hand at Roast beef dinners 2 tips for you,
    The Frozen aunt bessies yarkshire Puds, (Not the pre cooked ones) but the batter in the tinfoil cups are real nice - honest! and the pre done mash which according to the label contains potatoes and butter are also worth a go - and now available at morrisons.
    They call it cheating, but i call it common sense Bon appetite DP

  2. Hi DIP,
    Thanks for checking in and for your culinary comments. I've noted your suggestions (I also bought Delia's book, How to Cheat at Cooking)and may have a go. Failing that, the thought of dragging my trolley round Tesco may inspire me more to drive out to a Trough of Bowland pub and pay £10 for the privilege of not having to buy, cook and wash up afterwards! FFB x