Friday, 22 January 2010


After a weeks of lying low, Tiger Woods has been spotted in a rehab clinic in Mississippi to help 'cure' his sex addiction. This follows much media coverage on Tiger's car crash outside his home and speculation of his wife's hook shot across Tiger's face with a sand wedge. A little more control of her backswing and she'll be playing off a 6 handicap by May.
Speculation then grew about Tiger's various peccadillo's with up to 14 different women ranging from party hostesses, waitresses and prostitutes.
Last week, one of the alleged mistresses hinted at a new tell-all book with sordid details of Tiger's sex life including threesomes, sex parties and even sex with other men. Somehow, I don't think Colin Montgomerie will be contacting his lawyers in the next few weeks.

At a cost of £40,000, Tiger's six week rehab at the Pine Grove Behavioural Centre Clinic will include group work, a disclosure session with wife Erin, and the requirement to remain celibate throughout the six weeks. That should bugger up his wrist nicely in time for the British Open.

There is much debate about the medical term 'sex addiction'. There is considerable doubt whether the label 'addiction' can be used in the same context as being addicted to say, alcohol or drugs. It's argued that excessive sex is more of a 'compulsion'. Tiger Woods joins the list of other high-profile celebrities (Michael Douglas, Russell Brand, David Duchovny) who have been allegedly addicted to sex. Is it a coincidence that these men are exclusively heterosexual, as rich as Croesus and very famous? Perhaps they are simply in a position where they are bombarded with advances from women and they succumbed. Wouldn't the majority of men in the same position behave in the same way? The problems are always going to start a) when you're married and have a family and b) you're caught.

Still, there's always the option if you're caught that you can explain it away by saying 'I couldn't help it, I'm a sex addict'. And then there's always a clinic prepared to take £40,000 off you in exchange for a cure...

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