Saturday, 23 January 2010


It's 5pm on Saturday and Final Score has just confirmed the following 3 items of beautiful news... Man United have beaten Hull 4-0. Wayne Rooney bagged all four of them taking his tally to 20 this season. United return to the top of the Premiership. It doesn't get much better if you're a red and an England supporter and I'm going to indulge myself in this glory for a few moments.

Glory over and so to the not so tantalising news around Old Trafford. Figures were published this week on the current financial status at Man Utd. Following the Glazer takeover, huge loans were secured to gain control of the club.Debts totalling £716m were published this week, but cash reserves made slightly easier reading following the sale of Ronaldo for £80m. Rumours are circulating that Rooney may be the next to leave Old Trafford for Real Madrid. A stock value of anything between £50m-80m would certainly ease the investors coffers. Can you imagine Rooney at Real Madrid? He can barely speak English let alone Espanol. 'Calm down, calm down there lad. Dos beers por favor ay ay?' And next year Kai Wayne has a new baby brother.. San Miguel Poncho Rooney.

Amongst the financial turmoil, the United players continue to enjoy rich pickings. Get this... In 2008, salary costs of £121m were shared between 68 players and 476 ancillary staff. Despite the input from 476 ancillary staff, United have recently endured a crocked defence and seen defeats to two of their greatest rivals - losing 1-0 to Leeds and 2-1 to Man City. 476 ancillary staff? I'm just going to take a few moments to try and imagine what 476 ancillary staff actually do.

Perhaps I'll just smile in the knowledge that we're back on top... Rooney plays for us and for England... Ferdinand is back.... and I'm filling out an application form to become the 477th member of the ancillary staff. I'm sure they'll need a mental health nurse / blog writer in there somewhere...

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