Sunday, 31 January 2010


I just want to touch base with you about this to make sure we're singing from the same hymn sheet....
Is it just me or do some words and phrases that really hack you off? I noticed the trend for 'management speak' years ago when being sent under duress to corporate training events. Some twonk with a head full of American motivational psychology books would stand in front of a whiteboard (later a powerpoint screen) and say phrases like 'brain storming' and 'window of opportunity'. Hours passed by whilst I sat there with a glazed expression scoffing all the free biscuits with coffee. Thank God I took redundancy as I feared that the longer I stayed, the more I would become accustomed to using the same phrases. I took the money and went offline so to speak..

Nowadays, the influx of more and more talent-based programmes and US sitcoms have seen more Americanized colloquialisms creeping into the English language. Here's some of the words and phrases which makes me think I now live on the set of Friends / Hannah Montana / the X Factor / American Idol rather than good old Blighty.

Allow me to run these past you...

soooooo - as in 'that's soooooo last season'
random - as in 'wow, that's a bit random' Is it? Is it really?
guys - as in you guys, thanks guys, hey guys, wow guys.
briddish - used mainly in sports presenting for the word 'British'. That's British with a T.
basically - as in 'basically, I'm just a tosspot, basically'. You said it.
cool - particularly when pronounced 'kooo-ul'.
take a chill pill
babygirl/ babyboy - particularly when used in the context of an adult male/female
OH MY GOD - said far too frequently especially by teenage girls
Whatever - see above
hun - as in 'what's up hun?' 'love you hun'
babe - as in 'what's up babe?' 'love you babe'
110% - as in 'I'm going to give it 110%'. No really, 100% is sufficient you tosspot
jedward - or any portmanteau words. See also garriage for gay marriage.
do you know what? - as in 'do you know what.. I gave that 110%'
lmao - as in Laughed My Arse Off. Really, is that anatomically possible?

I'm open to any further examples of toss-speak. Just keep me in the loop ok?

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