Saturday, 9 January 2010


One week gone in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the 'celebs' are beginning to show their true colours.
The highlights so far have been...

Alex Reid (the cross-dressing crap cage fighter, and on-off beau of Jordan) declaring the media are out to get him. Trying VERY hard to please and gets his kit off at alarming regularity to the displeasure of most of the other housemates. Desperate, desperate sad fool..

Stephen Baldwin - Spouts the bible all too often. A tad annoying for an American, pigeon-toed happy clapper.

Ivana Trump - unveiled last night as newest housemate. Has very strange and large earlobes.

Sysco - amusing in the mankini task. Quite endearing

Basshunter & Katia - the habitual Big Brother romance has happened with some classy rumpy pumpy in a dormitory alongside sleeping housemates.

Vinnie Jones - Alpha male and doesn't seem to think much of Alex. The nation agrees with his insight...

Stephanie Beacham - bathes in strange theatrical fashion in sunglasses and fully dressed.

I hate myself for watching this bilge but blame the snow & ice for keeping me in..


  1. Helen,
    If you're that bored I've just painted our lounge wall; you can come and watch it dry if you want ! Got to be better than watching that bunch of nonentities sat on their arses. In Victorian times people used to go to the asylum to poke sticks at the lunatics- not much changed in 100 years! Last ever big brother- thank fxxk for that; bring back Heartbeat & The Royal ! Dave

  2. Did you use Dulux? See you at 7
    H xx

    PS. Heartbeat I can just about understand, but the Royal? Nooooo