Tuesday, 12 January 2010


It's my friend Vic's birthday today. We have much in common; we're both Capricorns and both delight in the made-up boast that it's a scientific fact that Capricorns are the most sexually skilled of all the star signs. We're both pretty nifty at cooking especially of the Italiano variety. We're both mad about football - probably as a consequence of the pair of us being the only girl in households of brothers. Vic, bless her is a fully paid up fanatic of the Arsenal although I don't hold it against her. It could have been worse - it could have been Liverpool.

Anyway, having too much time on my hands at the moment means that I can look through the annuls of history and find out what other monumental facts happened on January 12th alongside Vic's prolonged and painful departure from her mum's birth canal....

1959 - Berry Gordy creates the Motown Record Label in Detroit (and I will be forever grateful for giving us Diana Ross & the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye et al)

1976 - Crime writer Agatha Christie dies (it was the spurned lesbian lover on a Saga cruise using poison dispensed from a secret compartment within her Argos gold sovereign ring into Agatha's Malibu and Coke)

2001 - Sven Goran Ericsson starts the England job (the ladies at the FA start leg waxing regimes. Ulrika Jonson seen humming ABBA tracks and buying new underwear in Agent Provocateur)

2003 - Bee Gee Maurice Gibb dies from coronary problems during a stomach op (Barry Gibb steadfastly refused to consider the proposed funeral tribute music of 'Staying Alive' and 'How Can You Mend a Broken Heart'. He's always been a bit touchy since that time Clive Anderson called him a tosser)

Famous people sharing Vic's birthday:-

Lady Heather Mills - Charity fundraiser and ex-fan of the Beatles
Melanie C - Sporty Spicegirl
Joe Frazier - boxer famous for 'the Thrilla in Manila' with Ali.


  1. Fantastic Hez, I totally love it. Your wit is just pure genius. xx

  2. You're welcome Vic and happy birthday bud. Keep checking in to planet fishfingerbutty...

  3. Well what a coincidence that the creator of Marple and Poirot died on the birthday of such a huge fan... maybe that's why the ferret likes it so much. Your structure-du-sentence is most amusing you froot loop you!! ;-) x

  4. Hey Debs.
    Thanks for checking in. I never knew Vic was a fan of all-things Agatha Christie. She's a dark horse that one. Keep the comments coming!
    FFB x