Friday, 8 January 2010


Just watched the Danger Men programme on the Red Arrows and for once was gripped through an hour of one of the best documentaries I've seen in ages. It didn't set out to bore with endless technical data on the planes etc, but gave an insight into the training and selection of RAF pilots in becoming the coveted Red Arrows pilots. And once selected, we were given a 'fasten your seatbelts' view of the precision and skills these superb pilots use during various air displays.

Once selected, the pilots got to wear the distinct red flightsuit and boy, talk about put a man into a uniform... they looked like matinee idols, although rather refreshingly, they were a well grounded bunch who took the extra attention with good humour. Showing the red arrows pilots at home in their other roles as sons, husbands and fathers, you realised that it was these roles that kept them 'normal' despite their extraordinary jobs.

And finally, we were given a glimpse of the Red Arrows performing at the Quebec air show where their skills would be pitted against the world-famous US and Canadian Navy and Air Force Teams. The American pilots had state of the art planes and were amazingly uniformed albeit in the style of Thunderbirds. Their flying skills were pretty amazing, well received from the crowds and from the Red Arrow pilots who agreed they'd have a hard act to follow.

Finally, the greatest and most awesome formation of nine planes took to the skies and here comes the best bit.. absolutely kicked the arses of the other display teams. All the other pilots watched in awe and gracefully conceded that the Red Arrows were head and shoulders above all other flight formation teams.
Makes you proud to be British...

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