Thursday, 28 January 2010


Apple has now unveiled their new tablet device called the iPad. CEO Steve Jobs called the touchscreen iPad a cross between an iPhone and a laptop. To me, it's an iSore.

The iPad lets you watch films, play games and browse the web. Interestingly, the iPad will access Apple's launch of iBooks which will be an online book store. Apple's iPad will initially cost between $499 and $829.

I like my gadgets to an extent, but I can't see the iPad taking over the world. It looks a little Early Learning Centre - my first laptop. Time and sales will tell..
Today's technology is moving on at a rapid place, but I'm still a little old-fashioned in some respects. There's nothing I like more than rooting around old book shops. I love buying a book from a place I've visited or when I get one as a gift. Online book stores spells lean times ahead for little book shops, libraries and even Amazon I'd guess are a little worried. Music downloads has also helped in securing the demise of independently owned record shops. Huge HMV megastores on the High Street don't quite have the same appeal as my local Cobweb Records store from my local town which recently closed down after more than 30 years trading.

And just to finish off appearing as a total philistine, I don't get Playstations, Xbox or Wii either. They leave me cold. I especially cringe when I see the adverts for Wii of people strumming a little plastic guitar in front of a tv and thinking they're perhaps the next Jimmy Page. And the name - Wii! That's just urine from where I'm from....


  1. Is it a bird is it a plane ? no its an ermm.. well thats the problem - as an apple fan for decades - i cant help feeling this is a big mistake - apple are an innovative software company and build the hardware to suit, but it's the place where this lives that bother's me , iphone imac 2 killer products but this i think will be a flop - hope i am wrong - Dave

  2. Hi DP,
    Thanks for checking in. I'm with you on being an Apple fan yet at the same time being slightly perplexed by the iPad. The jury's out on whether this is an innovative product or just a oversized iPhone. Cynical move by Apple?