Thursday, 21 January 2010


Further to my previous posting on awful tv adverts, I think I have finally found one which ticks all the boxes of sheer crapness.
I defy anyone to find a worse advert than this. I can only assume this was made by pupils at Huyton School as part of their CSE
Drama and Media Studies. Call me presumptuous, but something
tells me Saatchi and Saatchi didn't have a hand in this

It's for double glazing and depicts a chavvy scouse family including two children with unfeasibly large foreheads.

Here's hoping the production people who invoiced for this
travesty have been put away for a very long time as a crime
against broadcasting. It's rumoured the young girl
has been signed up for Hollyoaks in 2017 ..


  1. Another belter Hel, keep 'em coming ! Although not a crap advert, I always have a wry smile whenever they advertise the Sky Plus box, either on telly or in the papers- they never seem to mention its most redeeming feature; the ability to record a programme and then fast forward through a 4 minute advert break in 8 seconds !I haven't watched any ads since having sky plus, mainly because they're all crap. Try listening to some of the ads on commercial radio if you want real shite though !!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Yep, I'm with you on the nifty FF feature on sky+. Fab-u-lous. You can only have so much of DFS, CSL and Dreams.
    It's gone very quiet from Russ - I'm just hoping he didn't have anything to do with the advert for Tudor Rose. Perish the thought...

  3. Forgot to mention... To the purists, sit back and drink in the splendour and eloquence of the English language included within this advert...
    'That's Tudor Rose there..'
    'Yeah, they done this conservatory'

    Who needs Shakespeare?

  4. Scousers were only ever good in one advert...

    ..."Accrington Stanley? Who are they?"

    Enough said.

  5. Ah yes, Accrington Stanley. Although Claire Sweeney did a stirling job for Park Hampers in her best stage-school scouse accent.

    FFB x