Saturday, 30 January 2010


There's a media frenzy today following the furore surrounding the Chelsea and England captain John Terry's secret affair with the wife of clubmate Wayne Bridge. This follows Terry's lawyers trying to get a gagging order preventing details of the fling, but a judge yesterday overturned the court ban. The judge stated that he thought that the £170,000 week football star was concerned only with protecting his reputation and sponsorship deals. What reputation is that exactly?

The reputation that's seen numerous alleged romps with women? One in particular occurred in a nightclub toilet with a young lady on crutches. Classy

The reputation that cheats on your wife and family with a clubmate's wife?

The reputation that recently saw Terry organising a secret tour round the Chelsea training ground apparently in exchange for £10,000 cash?

The reputation that has seen Terry in the past being arrested for affray and wounding at a nightclub?

The reputation that saw him sobbing like a big girl when Chelsea lost the Champions League final to Manchester United?

For once in his selfish, childish and self-absorbed life, John Terry needs to do the honorable thing and stand down as England captain. He's a great footballer but it appears he is not a great man. Great men lead by example, not necessarily because they are saints, but because they have integrity, honesty and the respect of their peers. This latest infidelity is shocking not just because he has again cheated on his wife and family, but he has cheated on a team mate. That doesn't earn Terry the dressing room respect or support necessary for England's success in this summer's world cup.

The FA should oversee the England captaincy goes to a man who fully deserves to have the honour of leading his side out at Wembley and in South Africa. Someone who leads from the front and instills passion in others that sees England's best chance of winning the world cup since 1966. A family man who is not seen in nightclubs until the early hours sucking the face of some WAG wannabe.

Step forward Wayne Rooney...


  1. I hope Capello uses sense and strips him of the captaincy. But I have a feeling he wont and just give him smacked knuckles.

    Pudster x

  2. Hi Pudster,
    Thanks for having a peek and commenting. I'm not sure that Capello has the clout to do strip his captaincy, maybe preferring the FA takes the initiative.
    As mentioned, for one in John Terry's indulgent and arrogant life, I would hope he does the honourable thing & steps down. I won't hold my breath...