Saturday, 8 January 2011


Great story this week which caught my eye was of the grandmother of former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel appearing on ITV's 'This Morning' programme. Katie was the much maligned and controversial singer who stayed in the competition despite the public and media calling for her head. Katie's singing was very average, but the publicity whipped up surrounding her past love life and family shenanigans raged on (and still does long after the X Factor crowned the winner). During Katie's efforts for superstardom, stories emerged of her 81 year old grandmother Sheila Vogel-Coupe charging £250 per hour for sex run through a website called 'Vintage Vamps'. 

Sheila's been on tv this week blaming her granddaughter's appearance on the X Factor for ruining her business and reputation. She stated she started the business after becoming lonely after her two husbands died of illness and her wanting some male company. When asked why she didn't just join a bowling club or some night school classes for some social company, Sheila explained 'but that's not me, I'm a little bit more outgoing'. Sheila's family have disowned her and she is unrepentant in her statement that it is 'my private life and they've been very, very judgmental' She did however, regret performing in the porn film 'The Great British Granny Bang', stating 'we all make mistakes'. 

Indeed, we do all make mistakes Sheila. I think the black cheetah print and stockings underwear combo photo was one of them. I'm all for entrepreneurial enterprise and try hard not to be too judgmental about people's private lives. But you can't help thinking that this lady has courted her exposure for all its worth and its difficult to see the logic behind blaming her granddaughter for ruining her reputation. My flabber was also gasted that people are willing to pay her £250 per hour for sex. Madam, for that alone I salute you but I hope you feel its worth the cost to the relationship with your family. It's a mad, mad world folks...

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