Wednesday, 26 January 2011


With half an eye on tonight's National Television Awards and finding it quite entertaining, the night suddenly came to an abrupt end when Bruce Forsyth gained a special recognition award. The fawning and sycophantic tributes from the showbiz luvvies prior to the old hoofer getting up to receive his award was simply vomit-inducing. Strictly Come Dancing (in my top 3 favourite tv programmes) has to be sky+'d now so that I can fast forward through Bruce's dancing (sorry, make that shuffling his feet whilst holding up his trouser legs) and his ad-libs which are generally stuttered through and are, to be honest, puerile. For goodness sake Brucie, give in to the vanity and get some glasses so that you can actually read the autocue. Yes, I know he's a gentleman in his 80's and he has had a long, long career in the business that is show, but how much longer do we have to put up with 'nice to see you, to see you...nice'? 
Brucie.. here's an impassioned plea from a tv viewer who is losing patience with the almost daily calls for your receipt of a knighthood and the occasional and rather delusional plea calling for sainthood.. Please retire gracefully and soon. Go play golf and live a happy and peaceful life in Wentworth with your lovely and patient wife. Hang up the ginger toupee and put the catchphrases in cold storage and retire with some dignity. But most of all, a frantic plea to Tess Daly et al to stop asking for Mr Showbiz to become Sir Showbiz. That would just be too much to bear....



  1. Sacrilege

    I and many more have only 1 thing to say.

    "Didnt they do well!"

  2. Alright, my loves...You get nothing for a pair, not in this blog. So Keeeep dancing ok?
    ps. you're my favourites!