Saturday, 22 January 2011


I've got some friends coming round later for an evening of high jinks. We're celebrating some recent birthdays and rather than hitting the local eateries, they requested I cook a 'special birthday meal'. No pressure there then. The Domestic Goddess will be on full throttle shortly as soon as motivation sets in to hit Tesco on a Saturday morning with a winning smile and not on ounce of impatience. 
Our get togethers tend to have the mandatory elements of:- 
1. Bubbly (lots of)
2. Food (lots of) 
3. Special basil (don't ask) 
4. Card games (lots of - pre drinks) 
5. Guitar jamming (lots of - post drinks)
6. Singalongs and getting the lyrics wrong (lots of - post, post drinks) 
7. Laughs (lots of) 

Just exactly what's needed after the week from Hell at work. 'Looking after my soul' is just what a very lovely and very wise doctor ordered me to do the other week and maybe tonight is the step in right direction for doing just that...