Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The top 10 things I hate about football (in descending order)....

10. Spitting 
9.   Football pundits especially Hansen, Lawro, and Merson. 
8.   Obscene wages 
7.   Snoods and gloves 
6.   Football agents 
5.   Foreign takeovers 
4.   John Terry 
3.   WAGS 
2.   0-0 results
1.   DIVES AND FEIGNED INJURIES - the attached clip richly illustrates this. 

Watch it and weep..... 


  1. As a Canadian living in England, soccer, whoops, football, can seem a most puzzling game. Such as my following thoughts might seem puzzling.

    Football could be considered bordering on a tribal obsession. It even seems to be to the point of irrational hatred for a certain team. For instance, if you were to meet a Liverpool fan and told them you supported Manchester United, this can cause a heated debate as to which team is better. I am very careful in my discussions about football.
    Football has all sorts of strange terms to describe the game. Here are a few things I have noted from listening to football commentary. 'The goalie is commanding in the box and the opposition are having trouble penetrating his box due to the fact that the sweeper is dribbling the ball off the line. From there, the sweeper dummies his opponent and back heels the ball to the goalie who lobs it out to the attacking midfielder who nutmegs the other team's right back and makes a slide rule pass to the striker who thinks of taking a chip shot but decides to dink the goalie who ends up letting in a howler. The referee disallows the goal because the winger was in an offside position.'
    Yes indeed, I have heard the commentators talk about man-to-man marking and zonal marking. They talk about yellow cards and red cards. Heck, they even mention free kicks, bicycle kicks and scissor kicks. So I sit there very confused listening to all this weird and puzzling football terminology. Here are some often used observations made by the commentators. 'They played them off the park!' Oh really? So they played them off the park and proceeded to go down the back streets outside the stadium with the eventual outcome, a rip-roaring time and a sing-along with a group of wandering minstrels at 'The White Lion' pub. 'They're scoring goals for fun!' What!? Like they would be scoring goals for sadness.
    How about that for a ramble?
    Kind regards and confusion, Gary :-)

  2. That WAS a ramble....geesh Gary!!! LOL

    You know why they fake...cause they lost the ball or didn't make the goal....kind of like tennis when you whiff the the sun was in my eyes....i have a socks are falling skirt is too tight...and so on

    My daughter play competitive soccer/football in HS and I saw all sorts of displays....funny stuff!!

  3. Gary- you're from Canadia; where they play Ice Hockey; this is why football confuses you.

  4. Hello Anonymous,
    Ah, good old 'Canadia' eh. Actually, football doesn't really confuse me. I went to several Vancouver Whitecaps games of the North American Soccer League. And that was kinda' like the real thing. Now cricket...yikes! :-)

    Gary- you're from Canadia; where they play Ice Hockey; this is why football confuses you.