Sunday, 30 January 2011


It's day two in the Fishfingerbutty house, and FFB has a dodgy eye. I woke up yesterday with that sinking feeling of all was not well in the ocular department. Call it intuition, but a crusty, stuck together and puffy eye had my suspicions raised. A planned day out with friends with cameras in hand, and a good walk around Morecambe bay following by a pub lunch had to be postponed as the freezing conditions were not really conducive to a dodgy eye. Feeling a little miserable and slightly under the weather, I headed back to bed where I slept for another 5 hours before another kind mate came and picked me up and we schlepped down to the NHS walk-in centre. We are very lucky in Blackpool to have a state-of-the-art and very new walk-in-centre where you will be seen by nurses and doctors almost straightway 24 hours a day. It's taken a huge strain of the A&E department at our local hospital, not to mention having to wait for a GP appointment. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon was very, very busy and there was about a 40 minute wait before I got to see a nurse. Forty minutes sat with the great unwashed and what seemed like a whole nursery full of Tiffany-Jade's and Regan's screaming was just about enough before thoughts of serious self-harm set in. I had a quick check over and a torch shone into my eye at various angles before Nurse Jackie told me I had a chalazion. A what?? Apparently it's a cyst on the inner eyelid which will go with the help of very hot compresses (to aid their bursting - blurrrhgh) and some ointment. Jackie also recommended I sleep in an upright position to avoid my eye swelling up and sticking again. Mmmm.. not sure about that one. Anyway, after a good night's sleep (in prone position), I have woken up with an eye not too dissimilar to a cross between Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez and Gabrielle singing 'Dreams' but without the eyepatch. It's grim, but the hot compress is at ready....


  1. Hats off to Nurse Jackie for the quick diagnosis. I hope you've burst the little bugger, FFB. I don't think an eye patch would suit you.

  2. No, I don't think I'd suit an eyepatch either GB. I'd look too much like Bazooka Joe. A chalazion is a new one on me and can't say I'm very enamoured with it. Hats off indeed to Nurse Jackie..