Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Last year I visited the Imperial War Museum North on Salford Quays, Manchester. If you've never been, it's architecturally splendid in every way and the exhibits are mighty fine too. During my visit, I was lucky enough to see the 'Shaped By War' photography exhibition by Don McCullin. His images were spectacularly evocative. With a book token for christmas burning a hole in my handbag, I set off for my local Waterstones (number two in list of favourite shops). After a good few hours of browsing I headed for the Art and Photography section and stumbled upon Don McCullin's 'In England'. It was a little pricey but it's well worth the spend to have this gracing your bookshelf. McCullin's images span 50 years of life in England and at times you stare at the bleakness, the social decay and a society confined to history. Here's a few of Don McCullin's photographs to see if you agree with this bloke's genius behind the lens....

'The Guv'nors' Finsbury Park, London 1958. A local North London street gang posing menacingly for the camera. 

'Mother and Son' Bradford 1978. 

East End, London 1973. McCullin looked for inspiration in the streets of Whitechapel and found a sub-culture of alcoholics and schizophrenics who at times were dangerous and violent. 

'Class' Mayfair, London 1965. A very different photo and a very different society from the previous photo. 

Bradford 1973. 


  1. I agree these pictures are brilliant. Black and White is so evocative of time and place. If you haven't already, have a look at Diane Arbus

  2. Thanks MM for checking in and for leaving comments. I will check out Diane Arbus and thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Is the bradford one an early M Jackson ?

  4. Erm.. no. I think it's 'Whatchu talkin about Willis' from Diff'rent Stokes.