Saturday, 15 January 2011


It's raining and dark outside. Pay day is a long way off. Summer is even further off in the distance. I have a huge pile of ironing to do and a house to clean before my folks come round later for a meal. I have to raise my motivation to launch myself into a howling gale and horizontal rain to go and collect a parcel  at the depot because the trusty postman delivers after 2pm and couldn't just leave it with my next neighbour (who doesn't work). 
For these reasons and a multitude of others, I trawled You Tube and found a sublime blast from the past - Erasure and 'A Little Respect'. Surely one of the greatest pop songs ever and brings back some good memories from 1988. Also reminds me of a night spent at the Ritz in Manchester where JC and I (joined by a chorus of hundreds others) sang our hearts out to this during KT Tunstall's cover version. 
Aah, the memories and a welcome distraction from my steam iron... for now anyway....


  1. Ah, a nice song choice. Brings back some memories for me, also. A welcome distraction from my multitasking skills. Yep, I'm a dude and I can think about sex and drink a cup of coffee, at the same time:-)
    Enjoy your weekend and mind that iron.
    All the best, Gary

  2. Thanks Gary. And I believe that thorough and prolonged academic research has proved that only women can multitask. Sorry to be the one to enlighten you on that one.
    Back to the simultaneous ironing and crowing methinks...