Tuesday, 4 January 2011


On this day in history...
In 1986, Phil Lynott the lead singer and guitarist of Thin Lizzy died in hospital of heart failure and pneumonia following a drink and drugs binge. 

In 1967, Donald Campbell was killed on Lake Coniston, Cumbria whilst trying to break his own water speed record in his jet-powered boat, the Bluebird. 

But on a brighter note... it's my old pal's RJ's birthday. One of my co-dancers  of the infamous YMCA Village People dance routine is one year older today. RJ is a great nurse and a thoroughly great woman. Slightly mad, slightly zany when white wine is consumed, slightly indiscreet with her bottom burps in my car, but a brilliantly generous and lovely pal. RJ, I give you the sadly missed Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy and can only picture you headbanging away on your exercise machine whilst you read this! Happy birthday xx

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