Sunday, 23 May 2010


Met up with an old friend the other night and we went out for an impromptu Italian meal followed by a night in our local bar listening to the amazing Deadbeats band. The Italian went pretty much to form; great meal, bit of innuendo flirting with the waiter over the huge black pepper mill and an inflated bill for drinks we hadn't had. 
Over to the bar and like a couple of old fogies, we managed to find a empty two seater leather sofa with a good view of the stage and thought we'd died and gone to heaven. How times have changed. Twenty years ago we'd have stood by the speakers, drink in hand, dancing like Pans People. Now, going for comfort on a sofa whilst being close to the loos is seen as a result. 
The band as usual were brilliant made better because live music is brilliant. A couple of covers from the Rolling Stones and the Kinks and the place was jumping. As well as watching brilliant musicians ply their craft and get the crowd going, a night spent people watching also makes the evening pass well. Comedy gold moments amongst the onlookers and from those hitting the dancefloor. We both had that mouth gaping moment observing some of the crowd who appeared to have no hint of inhibition either in the dress code stakes or when dancing. You have to admire that devil may care attitude sometimes. The table to the front of us contained a table of over-exuberant young women who we nicknamed (rather cruelly), the 3rd prizes in a shag contest. They were the sort of girls that a devil cult would target. Boss-eyed, all singing all the wrong lyrics, whilst flailing arms above their heads and swinging their pearl necklaces in time to the music, they hit the dancefloor and all three let loose with dance routines in unison which looked like they had practiced all week in front of their bedroom mirrors. Britain's Got Talent audition material if ever you saw it. 
Then there were the groupie girls. They hung around the stage gazing at the guitarists chewing gum provocatively and pulling their tops down a little to expose a hint of balcony bra cleavage. Plenty of tattoos and mini skirt on show but not blessed in the polished department. 
The climax to the evening were when the middle-aged ladies got up to dance to the Deadbeats cranking up the volume to a Guns n Roses / Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin medley. Never easy to choreograph, even Louie Spence would struggle to put a dance routine together for Paranoid by Sabbath. But these ladies weren't undeterred in their kitten heels and M&S sleeveless tops. Never before and probably never again will I witness 'Sweet Child o' Mine' being danced to by a two-lady cha cha cha... 

They're on again in 4 weeks time. Can't wait.....

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