Friday, 28 May 2010


Duran Duran were featured on tonight's TOTP2 special on BBC2. Watching their performances on Top of the Pops from the 1980's is as cringeworthy now as it was back then. I was never a big fan of their music, finding it a little over-hyped and a touch over-produced. It seemed to contain a strong bass line possibly a throwback from 70's funk, the ubiquitous synthesizer 80's sound and a prominent drum beat. All this was finished off by Simon Le Bon's unusual vocals. Unusual as in recognisable, but not great. 
The problem I always had with Duran Duran was their image and poncing around the stage. I just didn't like Simon Le Bon's posturing and jumping around, which he managed it seems without too much rhythm. Add to the list bad at miming, bless him. I hated their 'new romantic' baggy trousers, shoulder pads and over use of make-up (see Nick Rhodes). Most of all, I hated their bloody videos which at the time were hailed as classics. Was I alone in thinking 'if only they'd stop that that bloody windmill sails whilst it's underwater and Simon is strapped to it'? during Wild Boys. Strange thoughts entered my head during Rio. I was desperate for that yacht to sink. Be careful what you wish for because I seem to remember SLB got in a bit of bother in the water a few years later. And another annoying thing about Duran Duran. How can three band members be called Taylor? 
Sorry, I didn't like them but the programme was interesting all the same. Please God they don't do TOTP2 tributes to Spandau Ballet, Haircut 100, Wham or OMD.  

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