Sunday, 23 May 2010


Is this the sexiest man ever? Quite possibly. He certainly has the sexiest singing voice and oodles of charisma thrown in for good measure. Having just watched his ITV show 'An Audience With Michael Buble' it's hard not for any woman to find him very sexy. I've seen him in concert a couple of times also and was hooked the first time I saw him. Musically, he's the tops. Stylish and slick and makes it all look so very easy. Pure class. 

So just for a bit of self indulgence, here's my top 10 list of very sexy men (though not quite as sexy as Michael Buble):- 

1. Daniel Craig - The blue swimming trunks..need I say any more? 
2. Richard Armitage - The only reason I watched Spooks  
3. Colin Salmon - Tall, dark and handsome. Lush 
4. George Clooney - lush-tastic & owns a villa by Lake Como. Enough said
5. Jose Mourinho - arrogant, Portuguese and a maverick. Very shexy 
6. Leonardo - manager of AC Milan. 
7. Johnny Depp - Loved him in Chocolat. 
8. Dermot Murnaghan - twinky blue eyes and a big flirt 
9. Dominic West - one good reason to watch The Wire 
10. James Martin - although a Yorkie, pretty nifty with an egg whisk.  


  1. OH superdave not in that list - sure he will be upset

  2. OMG how could I have left SuperDave off the list! I'm guessing he's no.1 on your list Liz?
    Thanks for checking in.