Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I'm watching the breaking news of Gordon Brown's resignation as Prime Minister of Great Britain. It brings 13 years of New Labour government to a sad end. Sad in that it paves the way for the two public schoolboys and thoroughly Oxbridge Dave and Nick, to take over governing our country. Time will tell whether this coalition will be successful and bring about the promised change for the better. 

I only hope Labour bring in a new leader with verve and vision. Brown is no doubt a competant politician and his resignation has been undertaken with a fair degree of dignity. He just didn't command the confidence of the people or perhaps even privately amongst his colleagues. Perhaps his successor will bring in the 'Obama' factor and give the Labour party a fresh approach. I hope he or she gives Dave a real run for their money in their commons. In the meantime, here's some things Gordon may want to consider now he has some free time on his hands....

1. Pairing up with Erin Boag on Strictly Come Dancing 2010.
2. Celebrity Wife Swap - Gordon & Sarah and Bobby Ball & Von. 
3. Hell's Kitchen - Two grumpy Gordon's with knives? Ooh er
4. Compare of the Brit Awards 2011. 
5. Editor of Carp Weekly 
6. Inland Revenue Inspector 
7. Manager of Hull City FC 
8. The bloke bringing on the oranges at half time - World Cup 2010
9. Job Centre advisor  
10. Salesman - Harveys the Furniture Store   

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