Friday, 28 May 2010


It's Friday night and the Euro Millions lottery ticket has been purchased. The Friday night 'what will I spend my money on when I win £86m' ritual begins in earnest. Of course it's an obscene amount and of course I could make do very nicely with £50,000 but let's be honest.... EIGHTY MILLION POUNDS. Certainly life changing and certainly never going to happen but I allow myself the guilty pleasure of compiling my list of how I'd get through eighty million spondooliks... 

1. Cars - wishlist would include...classic Mercedes two seater (in photo) in silver and chrome, 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS Spider in red and a 2010 Range Rover Vogue SE in white. 
2. Property - holiday villa in South of France or Spain for family and friends.  Tuscan villa with pool. House by the beach in Cornwall. 
3. Travel - first class, and to stay in the worlds greatest hotels. Places I'd like to visit include Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Kenya, Jordan, South America. 
4. Sporting events - box at Old Trafford, season ticket for Blackpool, Monaco Grand Prix, World Cup 2010, Real v Barca, Inter v AC Milan, summer and winter Olympics, NY Yankees home match at the Yankee Stadium, Cheltenham Gold Cup, Cricket Ashes Series (home and in Oz), all tennis grand slam tournaments.
5. Go and see the opera Carmen in Verona. Swim with dolphins. Go whale watching. Go and see wild animals in Africa.   
6. Swanky spa and health farm treatments for friends and family. 
7. Start at the UK based 3 star Michelin star restaurants and work down.
8. Ensure my family and friends are mortgage free and are well looked after. 
9. Give a big chunk to local hospice and mental health charities. 

Yeah, I know I know... Dream on. 

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