Monday, 17 May 2010


I was chatting to a work colleague today and she was sat there perplexed and occasionally sighing until I asked her if she was ok and was there a problem. Her problem was her basset hound dog Daisy being finally accepted to be a pat dog. Pat dogs are specially trained pets who because of their good behaviour, are deemed appropriate and useful for the therapeutic benefits they bring to older adults either in hospital or in the community. 
The trouble was, Daisy needed a passport sized photo for dog records. My (blonde) colleague was in a slight quandary because she was concerned that Daisy wouldn't sit still on the adjustable seat in Asda's photo booth long enough for the photo to be taken. At first we looked at blondie with gaping mouths thinking she was joking. Alas, she wasn't. She actually thought that the dog would need to sit on the seat, be jacked up into position and somehow be able to stick £3 in the slot whilst maintaining a 'natural' look without smiling and by removing her bifocals. Once I had stopped crying with laughter, I asked whether she wanted me to sign the back of the photos to confirm it was a true likeness of Daisy. 

Never a dull moment in nursing.... 


  1. It's a classic, still crying with laughter, I'm so glad I witnessed it.

  2. Oh my gawd... just catching up with FFB world during a slow day... and this one had me snorting coffee down my nose... oh you have a gift! :-)