Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a bit partial to a bootylicious bump and grind on the dancefloor. It used to take me ages to get dancing at parties but once up there, it was disco a go-go. Nowadays, I'm past that uncomfortable feeling of worrying about the size of my arse, whether anyone's watching, whether I can dance or whether I look in rhythm. I really don't give a shit, preferring instead to dance without too much inhibition and just within the limits of dislocating my hips. It's that delicious feeling of leaving inhibition at the cloakroom and downing a few bubbly glasses of liberation and strutting your stuff to Beyonce or the Jackson 5. 
And isn't it just fab to people-watch the wedding reception guests hitting the dancefloor? There's the dad-dancers, the air guitarists, the young girls who do all the actions and mouth all the words to Rhianna, and the boozed up girls who sing very loudly to Summer Nights during the Grease medley. I really love the middle aged women. They hit the dancefloor first and generally talk through each record. Their dance routine generally hasn't changed since 1972 and once they get warmed up they sometimes get a little risque with a nonchalant backwards flick of the left leg. If they're feeling a bit more daring after a couple of glasses of chardonnay, they might do a bit of a bum wiggle and try to act evocative in front of their mates. Generally though, it's a couple of steps forward, a couple back and a hand clap now and then complete with a rigid, non-smiling face.  Great to watch. 
For me, the best dance music comes from the 70's and 80's and you can't beat getting down and dirty to a bit of soul music. It's just so great to dance to. So in tribute to the era of Saturday Night Fever and Motown, before the age of gangsta rap, bling and hair straighteners, here's a clip from the 70's Soul Train programme for your general amusement. Check out....

Harlem's answer to MC Bruce Forsyth (Bru-Fo) with HUGE tie 
The natty mainly checked clothes  
The no-holds-barred dancing which makes you smile watching it 
The couples looking happy just dancing 
And best of all, the chubby lad wearing a tanktop - it looks like he's having his first sexual experience...priceless. 

Enjoy Mo-fo's....   


  1. classic stuff soul train !

    what about this one - watch for the mic stand tricks at 2 mins or so


  2. Hi Dave,
    Couldn't resist sharing this masterpiece again from Soul Train.
    I've just watched the Joe Tex clip... speechless. Could you imagine getting away with those lyrics nowadays? The mike tricks are fab - just a a little nod in the direction of James Brown perhaps? Great stuff & thanks for sharing it.