Saturday, 15 May 2010


Well, we did  it. The impulsive twosome, Vic and I queued up this morning at Bloomfield Road and bought two tickets for next week's play off final at Wembley. There's a 37,000 ticket allocation for Blackpool fans so there's plenty to go round. We've got great seats in the lower tier behind the goal and will be joined by a few thousand mad Lancastrians. We also got carried away with the fan thing and bought a couple of tangerine coloured t shirts. Tangerine? Wow what a colour. Sorry Cardiff, but blue is just so boring. Tangerine... it's the new black!

Vic and I are both footy mad. Vic's a gooner and I'm a Utd fan but we're both Blackpool girls so we're out to support our local club and let's face it, our own teams failed miserably to get to a Wembley final this year. No-one will be cheering more than us two for the Seasiders to go to the Premiership this season. 

I'm also lucky to be having a few of my family going to Wembley this year. My eldest brother is over from Italy and will my joined by niece's husband and his little boy (my great nephew!). I also have two nephews going and another brother. They'll also be thousands of Sandgrownun's making it a real party atmosphere for old and young. Blackpool is a small club which makes it very family friendly. They also have a large contingent of drummers and trumpet players in the crowd so Cardiff City will be drowned out as much as possible. 

It's my first time at Wembley's new stadium and I can't wait to see it. I love football stadiums and this is renowned as the daddy of the lot. I've been to the Nou Camp in Barcelona which was awesome and I'm reserving judgement to see if it's better than that. I still have the Bernabeu and San Siro on my wish list.  I won't be buying the £10 Wembley burger though... I'm too Blackpool for that....




  1. Our Team who art at Wembley,
    Holloway be thy name,
    Thy Prem we come,
    Thy will be done on earth as Matthews did in 53,
    Give us this day our DJ Campbell,
    and forgive us our obstructions,
    as we forgive those who obstruct against us, and lead us not into the offside trap,
    but deliver us from penalties.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    and the power, and the glory,
    for ever and ever.