Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I'm back after a 3 week break from blogging and using my laptop. Wow, what a lot has happened and no blogs to show for it. 
Clegg, Cameron and Brown have gone head-to-head in the televised debates with the media speculation that Clegg has increased his popularity and a good share of the vote following three self-assured performances. TV has been awash with political debate, polls and policy. I'll be glad when May 6th is finally over. 

A volcano erupted in Iceland causing travel chaos around Europe. It should give Ryanair a good excuse to grab some lost revenue back by charging passengers for excess fares for instance, an extra £10 for having a large arse, and extra £'s for a window seat, toilet paper and to use the plane steps. 

Chelsea look good for winning the premiership especially with Gerrard's delightful back pass. The Liverpool fans who were cheering for United not winning the title, should perhaps be questioning why Mr.Liverpool couldn't do a pass like that more often for Torres during the season rather than for Drogba at the end of it. Good news is that Blackpool made the play offs. An outstanding result for the team and for the town. One season up there, that's all Blackpool ask for. Heady times indeed for Ollie and the Seasiders.

The BBC showed the best drama I've seen in ages. Five Daughters showed the harrowing tale of the girls murdered recently in Suffolk and portrayed their lives of drugs and prostitution yet reminded the viewer that each girl was loved and cherished by their families. BAFTA award winning drama at its absolute best and I salute the BBC for commissioning it. On the flip side, Britain's Got Talent returned with the same old bizarre acts with an occasional glimpse of brilliance. The young, nervous accountant who sang Maria from West Side Story  was captivating and I hope he goes far.  

And finally, the weather got better! Weekends have been spent in my garden. My bedroom windows are open at night and the t shirts are getting an airing. I love spring because you know summer is around the corner. I feel better and happier. It's good to be back.... 



  1. Good to have our favourite blogger back :)x