Thursday, 2 December 2010


It's approaching the end of year when I look back on new words that have entered our consciousness over the past 12 months through media over exposure. The Oxford English Dictionary has now added the 'new words' of 2010 which include many influences from the internet. Here's the additions...

Staycation  - staying at home money saving alternative to holidaying abroad. 
Zombie bankers, paywalls, freemiums, bossnapping - rich pickings from the City's financial meltdown. 

Unfriend, defriend  - taken from the practice of dropping a contact from your Facebook account. 

Tweetup - organised gatherings through Twitter. 

Simples - enbedded in the nation's consciousness following the 'Compare the Meerkat' advertising campaign.  

Jeggings - another portmanteau word when jeans and leggings are combined to describe a new fashion style. 

Here's my suggestions of words which have driven me mad during 2010. Rather than include them in the OED, please can they obliterated and never to be spoken about again? 

Wagner - the new word for looking like a 70's pornstar and singing badly 
Vevuzela - getting the horn was never this annoying. Also reminds our nation of the abysmal performance of England in South Africa this summer. 
Wikileaks - I still haven't got a clue what is means 
iPad - aka rich man's toy for people who need to get out more
Justin Bieber - another word for excrement 

Any other words  you find yourself using but really wish you didn't? 

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