Sunday, 19 December 2010


AAAAARRGGHH! For the past eleven weeks, I have watched every episode of Strictly Come Dancing and perhaps even more sadly, I've set the Sky+ to record the spin off show - Strictly Come Dancing It Takes Two. I've avidly watched every dance, every dress design, every budding romance and listened to every musical accompaniment. Last night was the big finale show where the last three standing had four dances to perform before one of the couples would eventually receive the revered glitterball trophy. The final was split into two shows and I watched every second of the first show and eagerly looked forward to the second show starting at 9.05pm. 
Why oh why then, did I fall asleep at 9.04pm, crashed out on my sofa and awoke several hours later with a rather fetching Amy Winehouse hairdo, a zombie-like walk with arms outstretched for imaginary hurdles and a bladder at breaking point. And I dribbled on to my cushions. It wasn't pretty let me tell you. 

Mental note to self:- 
1. Set Sky+ if moving into horizontal position on sofa. 
2. Remember you are getting older and late nights will catch up with you 
3. Try to stop being supernurse and working too many hours 

So after a huge night of further sleep, this morning saw me cranking up BBC iPlayer to see that Kara Tointon and her Russian love God Artem won the final and took the prized glitterball. Didn't I pick her from week 1? Yep, self-congratulatory pat on the back to the narcoleptic supernurse and super talent-spotter methinks....     


  1. I told you before, I've kept up with your strictly dancing from a fellow blogger, Karelianblonde....from the beginning she also bet on Artem and Kara........
    It was fun keeping up with it all

  2. Hi MM,
    I believe you also picked out Kara and Artem from early on? What on earth am I going to do on Saturday nights now it's finished? Get a life probably...
    Thanks for checking in and for the blog link