Saturday, 18 December 2010

BEST TRACKS OF 2010?....

Best songs of 2010? I thought this would be quite easy, but believe me it wasn't. There was plenty of Glee, X Factor rubbish and boring R&B which was churned out. Same old, same old I'm afraid. Hidden away in the depths of download hell, there's been the odd glimmer of brilliance, innovative and original music, not to mention a few comebacks and just some really good pop songs. 
So pop pickers, here's my take on the best tracks of this year. Feel free to offer further suggestions to those golden nuggets I've missed... 

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days  
At last, someone with originality not to mention a decent pair of lungs. She reminds me of the kookiness of Kate Bush and the voice and presence of Siouxsie (and the Banshees). Dog Days starts simply with harps, builds up with the handclaps and then assaults your senses with the drumbeat and infectious chorus. Brilliant.

Alicia Keys feat. Jay-Z - Empire State of Mind part II
Superb vocals from a massively talented singer / songwriter mixed with the magic from Mr Jay-Z. Classic. 

Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up 
This song reminds me so much of my working life this summer, moving offices and being part of a small team of raving looneys who sang and danced along to the lyrics whilst it was constantly on the radio. Great pop song and great stress buster for nurses. 

Plan B - She Said
A track from the concept album 'The Defamation of Strickland Banks', this track took us back to the 1960's but with a contemporary feel. It's seriously good and very catchy. 

Adele - Make You Feel My Love
Originally written by Bob Dylan and recorded by Billy Joel, Adele puts her unique voice to it and turns this track into a masterpiece. Simple song, heartbreaking lyrics, outstanding vocals. Ooh, it's so good. 

Kings of Leon - Radioactive 
Hard act to follow after Sex on Fire and Use Somebody but Radioactive is pretty damn good even though I'm hearing a slight nod in the direction of U2. 

Take That - The Flood
The boys are back with Robbie Williams making it the fab five once more. I'm not a big fan of boy bands but these oldies just keep getting better and better and recording some decent music. I really like this track and the sharing of vocals between Robbie and Gary Barlow

Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog - California Girlz
Oh blimey, part of me is embarrassed to include this one as it's girly, slushy and even a little bit slutty. It's also an unforgettably good summer pop record and hear it once and it's in your head all day.  


  1. Hello FFB,
    Interesting choices. I would like to add that my album choice for the year would be 'Immersion' by 'Pendulum'.
    And the cast of Glee Club performed on X-Factor. Luckily, I didn't 'delight' myself by watching that. I really wasn't in the mood to violently puke my guts out. So, I guess that means I'm not a fan of Glee Club. No way would I want to be a 'Gleek'! :-)
    Have a good weekend and stay warm.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  2. Hi Gary,
    It wasn't easy as there's not been too much around this year to get really excited about so I went for a few tracks that reminded me of the summer. I'll check out your suggestion for album choice. I'll probably do another blog for album of the year because there's more to go on!
    Thanks for your comments & likewise stay warm!

  3. I really liked she famous yet? I get confused with the indie musicians. They can be famous in small areas...what about Florence?

    I liked Eliza's guy singer better than I liked her...cute beat though!

    I agree with what you say about Radioactive....

    I thought Adele was going to jump out of the window...she was so sad :(

    I don't know about the Flood??

    and Katy Perry is so bad she is good...I like her up beat silliness.....and the outfits for this video were pretty good too!

    All in all, I enjoyed your list. You seem to like a variety of do I!

  4. Hi MM,
    Not sure if Florence has broken through to America yet as she's only pretty new to the music scene here in the UK. Check out for her biggest hit cover of Candy Stanton's You've Got The Love. Awesome.