Friday, 17 December 2010


It's christmas party season and employees up and down the land will be tripping the light fantastic on the lead up to christmas eve. Our lot are no exception. Today's the day our team hit the tiles to a swanky restaurant for a christmas meal followed by an impromptu conga around Blackpool's hotspots. 
My experience of past christmas parties prior to my nursing career tended to be the stuff of legend. We were provided with lavish parties with cabaret acts, disco's and free bars. And then the fireworks started. Ordinarily professional and respectable people (generally married) would turn into mad disco-dancing love-Gods/temptresses with a bellyfull of free booze in them. And then there was the fighting. IT and business is a testosterone-busting environment and when drink is consumed at disproportionate levels, young bucks tended to get a bit gobby and found the christmas party an ideal forum to air their grievances towards their boss. Plenty of brawls were witnessed whilst 'So here it is, Merry Christmas.. everybody's having fun' is banging away through the disco sound systems. And how could I not mention the sexual shananigans of a quick snog on the dancefloor followed by couples heading off upstairs to enjoy the hotel's other facilities. 
And so today's christmas party I'm sure will be much be subdued. I mean, a bunch of nurses heading off towards Blackpool? What could be more innocent than that? 


  1. Have fun, FFB! "Vaginae" is the plural of vagina. It's seems like a good time to share that with you.

  2. Hey FFB! Hope you had a great time...Back in my younger years, I also was a nurse....they DO party like there is no tomorrow!!! So I KNOW you'll have some stories to tell!!

    My favorite choice of props during drunken hazes were balloons........hum....where did those days go??

  3. Good morning folks. Good fun was had at all thankyou.
    GB - should I be thanking you for sharing that titbit? Eyebrows still returning to normal position!
    FFB x