Tuesday, 21 December 2010


There's a new personality test out this week to test your psyche. It's actually a revival of the controversial inkblot shapes introduced by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach. In the 1920's he developed the inkblot test as a way of delving into the subconscious. Truth or total bunkum? Mmmm... the jury's out, but worth a go... 

Do you see...
1. An X-ray image of a chest, showing a red heart, lungs and blood? 
2. An eccentric professor with fringes of white hair, a top knot and big nose? 
3. A stingray or skate? 
If you saw....
1. Suggests you have things welling up inside you that you want to express, but you'd prefer to suffer in silence and not rock the boat. You find it hard to say no in general. 
2. You are benevolent, self-effacing, and a very good friend and thinker.
3. You tend to put yourself second, and are familiar, though not necessarily comfortable, with being elbowed aside by more powerful characters. As a result you can sometimes be apologetic to a fault. 

Do you see...
1. A pair of emus facing each other wearing feather boas? 
2. A beetle or scarab, possibly with crabs claws? 
3. Sunglasses, bras or beard? 
If you saw....
1. You feel the pull of the highlife, though sometimes, you don't like how you feel the next day; you waver between extreme moods, taking yourself too seriously or just not caring. 
2. You are very hard working; success comes naturally to you. You lay your plans and follow them through. 
3. You like dressing up, although you can worry excessively about what people think of you and seek external solutions - a new car, new clothes - to internal problems. 

Do you see...
1. A strong man flexing his muscles? 
2. A scorpion? 
3. Fallopian tubes? 
If you saw....
1. Suggests you are highly capable, mastering everything you turn your hand to. You are naturally gifted and extremely determined. You pride yourself on always being equal to the challenge. 
2. You are highly tuned, like a gymnast, so diet and sleeping can be problematic, since you are physically very sensitive, but not emotionally; anything that smacks of therapy gets on your nerves. 
3. You have a sense of stalled potential of putting an enormous amount into life, yet still waiting for it to start. Your idea of how things should be - for instance, whom you should be with, what you should be doing - is very vivid, and if reality falls short of expectations, your considerable achievements provide little consolation. 

Do you see...
1. Clown with a runny nose, melting face or someone sticking out their tongue? 
2. A lady in a dress holding her skirts above a pair of jumping dolphins? 
3. A long lost cuddly toy? 
If you saw....
1. Suggests you social and seek out company - no one could call you a recluse. However you do have aloof tendencies, a habit that will cause your friends concern. 
2. You are charismatic, often in a darkly brooding way. This often draws attention to you, which is often good for your ego, but does not necessarily add much to your self-esteem. 


  1. Humm.... the 1st I thought was a bat with it's wings spread.

    The 2nd I saw birds but emus??They look more like peacocks....

    The 3rd, I did see the muscles but to me the guy looked a bit alien.....

    The 4th I thought was a Russian Dancer. Is that like a lady wearing a dress??

    So Doc......am I crazy??? or what??

  2. I'm afraid so yes. We nurses (and ex-nurses) have craziness in our psyche - it helps us get through the day.
    Suggest an aspirin, a lie down and further comments to the FFB blog. And don't forget to keep your bowels regular...
    FFB x

  3. what about a Vicodin, a massage table and continued comments?? Ha

    Bowels regular??? hahaha

    Merry Christmas!!