Thursday, 2 December 2010


Christmas is approaching and you're looking for inspiration for you christmas cards? Brace yourselves for the latest internet sensation of embarrassing festive photos that have actually been used on their christmas cards. Quite why the photo above has the female members dressed all in matching pyjamas and the dad topless is simply grimsville. What were they thinking of? 

It beggars belief doesn't it? I'm not sure how I'd feel if I got this landing on my welcome mat. I'd probably think that the parents were incredibly naive or just very stupid to allow their children to be photographed in this way. Very, very strange and a little unnerving...  

I bet I can hazard a guess as to whose idea this was. Here's a clue... check out who's holding court at the centre of the photo. Yep, funtime daddy. Prick

The posing, the tartan, the mismatched chairs, the carpet, the curtains and the cheapskate christmas tree...Stick to Hallmark scenes of father christmas and reindeer p-leeeze. 

It was all going well... happy, smiling faces.. relaxed and spontaneous feel to the posing of each member.. and then you look at the baby and where he's resting his hand and it all goes a bit un-christmas-like. He has a great expression though.. 

Ok, you're on holiday and minding your own business on the sun loungers.. oiled up and bedecked with latest chick read and iPod.. then suddenly Brian and Brenda park themselves next to you and for the next thirteen days you can't shake the gruesome twosome off despite every effort to disguise yourself  and feign illness. And then you make the fatal mistake of swopping addresses thinking nothing will ever come it and then this appears on December 1st with a message inside on the lines of.. 'Hiya! remember us from Spain? We thought we'd drive over the 320 miles to see you. We'll arrive on December 1st and stay a couple of nights with you. Would love to share our 280 holiday snaps with you to remember the great times we had at the Playa de Dia Rio. Hope you like dogs!!!'. And then you reach for the pump action shotgun...

Love this one the most particularly the discarded bottle of booze. 

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