Thursday, 23 December 2010


Oh my goodness, it's the day after the birthday and boy oh boy have I struggled today. We made a pact last night (as with all the Jolly G outings) that what goes on in Lancaster, stays in Lancaster. I cannot divulge any further information from last night other than there was splendiferous Spanish food at 1725 and mucho expensive vino in a candlelit little restaurant oozing with olde-worlde charm. All I can divulge is that there was random cossack dance routine and a passing reference to Fatima Whitbread's muff aka JC's bearskin hat. 
The only thing left to say is I had a super-duper birthday firstly with the crew at work, and later on with my gorgeous, funny and hugely generous Jolly G buddies. I may be totally knackered today, but it was worth every yawn, every aching muscle from laughing so much and weirdly wobbly leg feeling to be in your three's company last night and indeed every time we all get together. Thanks again RJ, JC and Mother T and not forgetting the very lovely Mr Steve for delivering the cake xx


  1. glad to hear you had a great birthday sis. it's not often you see the words great food, fun and lancaster in the same sentence (only joking). speaking of things red rosey, those lancs girls lyrics are a hoot hel. you've missed your way sis.

    have a great xmas and ny

  2. Right then, hope you have recovered from your birthday night out, in delightful Lancaster, with those lovely Lancashire ladies.
    Have a peaceful and positive Christmas.
    In kindness, Gary, some Canadian dude living in England:-)

  3. Grazie Paolo my big bro. Thanks also for the birthday phone call.
    It surely can't be long until the BBC (or Katy Perry) come beating my door down begging me to write some scripts/lyrics can it? Ha Ha
    Happy christmas & ny to you all and see you v soon xx

  4. Thanks for checking in Canadian dude Gary. Likewise, best wishes for christmas and new year. Have a good one even though it's probably colder here than a Rocky Mountain moose's testicles...

  5. Which reminds me. I've noted that folks, here in England have told me that they are feeling 'rough as a bear's arse'. Well, having come from Canada, I can confirm that a bear's ass, sorry, arse, is quite smooth. What the hell am I
    And the weather here, in some place called Leek, Staffordshire, yes I always wanted to live in a town named after an onion, is colder than any weather I experienced in Canada. All the best.