Saturday, 18 December 2010


Wowsers, what a week for the telly addicts.  It kicked off with the 'I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here' final with the win going to Stacey Solomon (who previously came third in  last year's X Factor!). This year's IACGMOOH surpassed previous years due to some key celebrity moments - generally from Gillian McKeith who fainted and screamed all the time, and Shaun Ryder whose encounter with the snake was tv gold. The snake has certainly never been the same since. 
Last weekend we were treated to hours and hours of the grand final of the X Factor. This year has seen more than its fair share of controversy with tales of fixing, fall outs, and fabrication. Matt Cardle screeched and cried his way to the winner's title and a million pound recording contract. Matt, on nearing the final and through yet another tear-filled performance, told the viewing audience that his song was a tribute to a family friend who had died tragically leaving her 4 boys to be looked after by his parents. Of course the British press have exposed the real story bearing no resemblance to Matt's sob story. Tut tut the X Factor publicity machine and tut tut viewing audience for churning out this crap and actually believing it. Matt won the title but I still maintain that Rebecca Ferguson (who came 2nd) was the star. Pure class and I'm sure her star is in the ascendancy.  

Wednesday night saw the semi final of The Apprentice and we now know that this year pits the ultimate man v woman final. Posh boy with the polished academic background Chris is up against ex council estate girl done good, the very corporate, cool as cucumber and very competent Stella. Of course I'm rooting for the girl to win the top prize of the £100k contact working for Lord Alan Sugar's multi-billion pound corporation. This week the rather odious and gobby little upstart Stuart Baggs whose self-proclaimed moniker 'The Brand' finally got caught out in the interview stage for the annoying little twerp he is. Stuart Baggs, for all his huffing and puffing and claims of global brilliance and being sent by God, was superb television. Finally watching him squirm and try and blag his way out of trouble was the stuff of legend. Best ever series BBC - well done for a series that just gets better and better. 

Tonight it's the biggie in Fishfingerbutty Towers as it's the Strictly Come Dancing Final. Three couples left and thankfully, the best three are fighting it out in the final. There's Pamela Stephenson, who at 61 is doing a brilliant job and showing that grannies can be sexy, fun and strut their stuff probably better than women half her age. There's Matt Baker who is the Mr Nice Guy of the competition. A superb natural dancer who mixes gymnastic ability with a pretty easy on the eye cha-cha-cha. And then there's Kara Tointon. A girl who has just got better and better and is now receiving plaudits that she is actually as good as a professional dancer. There's been some on and off screen chemistry with her brooding Russian professional partner which has added an extra spice to their dance routines. I think any one of these dancers could lift the trophy tonight as they've all been utterly superb to watch, however I'm hoping that dancing prevails and the best dancer wins it. Kara and Artem - my money is on you two. 

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