Sunday, 28 February 2010


Good weekend of sport again but some aspects were all for the wrong reasons. I watched the Stoke v Arsenal match live and was feeling a little queasy after Aaron Ramsey's horrific injury. Arsene Wenger was positively apoplexic in the interview afterwards and made some unwise allegations that these injuries somehow always seem to happen to Arsenal players. The Chelsea v Man City was great viewing in the build up to whether Wayne Bridge would shake John Terry's hand before the match. Good old Wayne looked Terry square in the face and didn't shake his hand. Things hotted up in the match when Carlos Tevez got a little handbags at dawn with Terry and there was a coming together like two alpha male stags. Retribution for Bridge and pals when Chelsea capitulated, had two sent off and lost 4-2 at home. Man United and Arsenal fans rejoice - plenty of texts crossed last night between myself and Vic the Gooner laughing at Chelski's demise.
The not so good stuff saw England losing to Ireland in the Six Nations. Wales made a fighting comeback against France but couldn't quite win the game. And Italy beat Scotland!

Back to today's League Cup Final which saw Manchester United beat Villa 2-1 with Michael Owen getting Utd's first and Rooney scoring another header to win the match. World class Rooney is hitting some excellent form and let's hope he's injury free on the lead up to the world cup this summer.

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