Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Yet another dance programme hits our screens tomorrow night. BBC Three is airing 'Dances on Wheels' which mixes wheelchair users with some of the stars of Strictly Come Dancing and celebrity dance partners.
Whilst I applaud the BBC's decision to televise disability in a positive way within a popular mainstream show, I can't help but feeling it stretches the dance tv show formula a little too far. The BBC can sometimes be accused on occasion to wring out a hit show like SCD into every connotation possible and this show is no exception. I have a feeling it will be more about the celebrities, the choreographers and judging panel shoeing off their inimitable skills and eye for the main chance of a bit of self-promotion. I'm happy to be proved wrong, but I imagine the 'dancing' on show from the wheelchair users will be participation in hand and arm gestures and some 'passion' and emotion shown in the facial movements which will encourage the usual inane judges comments about the 'journey'.

Anyway, the jury's out as to whether the BBC will pull this off and manage credible viewing figures over six episodes. Good luck...

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