Monday, 28 March 2011


The news that another cult classic television show is about to hit the big screen with the remake of the late 70's favourite The Professionals. That I'm sure will gladden the nostalgic heartstrings of many women of a certain age who used to perve over Bodie and Doyle strutting their stuff. Studio Lyonsgate have acquired the rights to produce the film of the crime-fighting duo from the fictional CI5 agency. 
The original series starred the permed Martin Shaw as Doyle the police detective and my personal favourite Lewis Collins as Bodie the ruthless former SAS sergeant and mercenary. Keeping the two in check was Gordon Jackson as the boss of CI5. Quite a change in role from the butler Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs. The same production team from the last two Bond films and Captain America are starting filming later this year. I really hope they keep the kick-ass theme tune and the inclusion of sexy fast cars. I shall be keeping my peepers peeled for this one coming out....


  1. Did you ever see the remake of the professionals a few years back ? Think it was on sky

    Tina Backus was quality eye candy for us blokes but overall it wasnt very good

    Heres hoping the film is better

  2. Didn't see the remake but I'll check it via the link.
    Also hoping the film is better and that Tom Hardy is cast in the role of Brodie!
    Thanks for checking in..

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  4. I don't see the point of these remakes. They're rarely as good as the original.