Sunday, 13 March 2011


If your invitation for the Royal Wedding hasn't yet landed on your doormat, don't despair. If like me, you're working on the day of the Royal Wedding and will miss the televisual event of the century, don't worry. Because you can now knit your own Royal characters and reenact the big day in the comfort of your own living room (or office). Forget the souvenir tea towels, plates, mugs and commemorative coins, because there's now a knitting kit containing patterns for ten characters from William and Kate's forthcoming wedding. The designs in Fiona Goble's (is that her real name?) book also contain extra patterns for 'guests' - that would be the Beckhams and Elton John/David Furnish and baby Zachary then? 

Knit the tissues, there'll be tears from the Queen, Camilla and Prince Edward...

The bride and groom. I love Kate's tiara, rouged cheeks and engagement ring. 

Yep, you can even knit Corgi for the vacant pageboy position...

.. the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr George Rowan looking resplendent though perhaps a little unholy when sharing mucky jokes with Prince Harry and comparing knob size...

No, it's not Elton John, but the REAL Queen complete with pearl necklace,  diamond brooch and one eye higher than the other. 


  1. Yeah i reckon William is based on postman pat 4 Sure

  2. .. and the Queen bears a passing resemblance to Mrs Goggins the village postmistress?

  3. Ha- with the forthcoming royal wedding celebrations looming, I recall the day we spent celebrating the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer all those years ago. I remember that at least 2 glasses of my Bacardi and Coke were knocked over in Mich's bedroom whilst we were enjoying the festivities prior to us relocating to The Highcross!

    The knitted Queen, "complete with a PEARL NECKLACE" raised a few laughs in the N****s household today - I have to say (fnar fnar).

  4. 29 July 1981.. what a cool day that was! Wasn't there about 58 of us wearing red, white and blue sat in La Jolly's bedroom, watching the Charles & Di wedding on a tiny PORTABLE tv! And wasn't there a collective shout of 'oooh, look at her dress, it's all crumpled' when Di got out out of that carriage?.
    Bacardi and coke eh? My goodness, we were 16 year old women of sophisticated taste back then. I do recall lots of laughs that day and being very drunk as only young and daft kids can be..
    And as for the pearl necklace association with the Queen - it crossed my mind very, very briefly but I dismissed it with caution on the side of decency and regal deference (having just written about the Archbishop of Canterbury comparing knob size with Prince Harry I thought I couldn't get way with that one as well). Bravo Sarah for going for it... but you do know that's probably buggered up your chances of the MBE in this year's honours list? And good luck in explaining that one to your young son and my god-daughter!!!
    Thanks for checking in bud and for making me laugh x